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16th August 2005

randmconstructs11:58am: In the World, But Not of It

I didn't put up a struggle and I fell head long into sin.  And when the opportunity came, I saw a way to move out of that world. 

But God held me there and said, "Stay."

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I believe that with your prayer,  God's hands will move on the Co-Ops.  That God will start something new here and change us from the inside out.  I need your help though. 

I'm asking for prayer pledges.

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Thank you.


James 1:5-8

 5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; 8he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.

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5th July 2005

randmconstructs1:05pm: New Community-- Prayer For India!

Greetings one and all,

This community is being established for those who desire to pray for India, have a heart for India, who are Indian (living anywhere), are missionaries in India, or just want to check out what God is doing in that large region. The purpose of this community will be cultural exchange between regions of India (anything from Divali to Desi food recipes to religious/cultural study to Bollywood), understanding, keeping up with news and needs of India, and correspondences between all affiliated with India in some way.

I look forwards to seeing what God will accomplish as we all gather together with one purpose.
--- all welcome to join ---

++will be cross-posted++

29th January 2004

dantherm7:25pm: I need your prayer.
I'm going to be silent for a food and talking fast because I need to hear from God about my future. Time is running out, I need clear vision instead of letting myself be confused in every which way, and I can't string along multiple people on a possible commitment.

Here's my options I have laid out for next fall that I would have to decide on pretty quick:

1. Teen Mania Honors Academy

2. Missions School to become whatever God wants

3. Planning on pursuing Teacher Education Internship for the fall for Michigan TE Certification

I'm in financial straights and I have family pressure to take option three. Many people including myself question why I would choose option 1 when it costs $6,000 (plus my $6,000 worth of medical bills) and is not accredited. (I felt called to do it directly twice and I questioned it.) Missions school is my ultimate aim because I feel called into whatever life-long ministry God desires anything from teaching to Christian writing to anything. I have little desire to do TE internship and ever teach in the states. Yet, the MSU College of Ed. program is rated almost number one in elementary education. So a degree there and certification through them would mean a lot. I had it pretty much ruled out then my advisor told me I would probably be placed in an internship spot, but I just would be closely monitored. I thought I was miles away.

So here I am and the doors are open. I don't know my direction. I would most desire to do Teen Mania to build Godly discipline that I lack, grow in Christ, and be prepared for the future, but I feel weird for sure about going out asking for sponsorship from people like you are supposed to when I'm not a teen (though people in their late 20s go.)

Missions school looks great, but I know I am not spiritually mature enough yet. I don't want to waste my time and theirs by breezing through theology, practical ministry training, etc. and then join a team unprepared.

College of Education Internship. I don't know I hate you, but I know my family wants me to go into your program so that I can get a nice teaching job with medical insurance benefits. I know the Lord's vision for me is not limited by that, but I can't rule out what He wants from me right now.

So brothers and sisters, pray for me and if you have a verse or message or prayer that God sent you to send my way, send it along. If any of you wish to fast on my behalf I could surely use it. This is an important time. I may receive a phone call from a Teen Mania Mobilizer as early as Sunday, I just had an appointment with my College of Education advisor today, and I should send out missionary applications before people forget me. So I'm strapped for time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my prayer requests.

God Bless You!



9th January 2004

dantherm11:11am: Prayer Request for Tonight at 9pm

I am a member of the seekinghisface community and tonight is the big election night for a new head leader. God has given us a very dynamic leadership staff and an annointed ministry. Day to day we face spiritual attacks on all sides, but that does not throw off the plans of God. Hallelujah!

This is to be the first night that almost all the leadership have met together. Tonight at 9pm we seek more than God's chosen for leadership, we seek the Spirit's pouring upon our ministry. We seek a unified one accord Body of Leaders. We seek God's will.

I am praying for God to act upon our ministry like He did in Acts 2.

The Fellowship of the Believers

42They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

We need prayer for spiritual protection by the Blood of Jesus, the Spirit's annointing power, and for discernment. Anything God places on your heart to pray for, please do. You will be serving more than just our leadership Body and the Lord. You'll be serving the entire Body of Seeking His Face Ministries and everyone they interact with.

If you are led, fast on our behalf.

God Bless you and may you seek his face daily.

Love in Christ,

17th October 2003

dantherm11:08pm: LJ COMMUNITY INVITE-- Seeking His Face

I have created this community primarily for those who wish to seek God with all their heart, mind, and soul together in one accord. The exact aim of this community varies with the vast array of unique children of God that will be brought here. Prayer requests shared. Godly insight passed. A poem of exhortation lifted up-- devoid of pride and selfishness.

We come here to jointly commit to giving God our all and decide to strive to do so together by whatever means He calls us to.

Thinking outside the box of the temporal led by the direction of He who knows the eternal.

16th May 2003

16stepper12:13pm: More Movies I Want to See
The Good Thief
Anger Management

16th May 2003

pinkpunkette1:09am: Staying Optimistic in Discouraging Times
hey friends! just felt like sharing about this. hoped it will bless you. give me some feedback yea! =)

Staying Optimistic in Discouraging Times

well faith is de key to unlock God's power in your life, agree? never mind if you dun, im just gonna go on anyway. hah. in

Matthew 9:29 - Then He touched their eyes, saying, "According to your faith let it be to you".


okay lemme sidetrack a lil, im gonna introduce something, "LAW OF EXPECTATION". see, God create laws to govern the whole earth. laws are constant. e.g LAW OF GRAVITY. it's alwas constant, it not only works for today when de weather is hot, it doesn't depend on anything, it works yesterday, today and forever. imagine if it doesn't, you mite wake up realising yer in mid-air, floating above de indian ocean. LAWS can work for you or against you. my leader was sharing about him when he was young, he used to dream of being a superman (many would relate to this), but everytime he tries to run and leap, he'd fall back to ground, flat. see, de law of gravity work against him. but you know there's an invention, where they attached this dynamo thing to de bicycle wheels, so as you paddle, the electricity generated would be able to light up the lights, yea duh. so yea, de LAW can work for you or against you. get it?

same thing for de law of expectation. in Job 3:25 - For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me. okay look, obviously Job has been expecting all these. for those of you who dunno what happened to him, his whole family died and all his crops, plantations were all destroyed, he was stripped til nothing. see, law of expectation.

Our expectations in life will influence our happiness, our life, our everything. be an OPTIMIST, expect good things. you dun need to be a christian to know this, but it will be an awesome thing if you are, cuz you wun lose out on anything. trust me.

okay neway back to wad i was saying. instead of focusing on what you dun wanna happen, why dun you jus expect what you wanna happen? cool? dun even entertain a negative thought. right. okay go to Phil 1:20, here Paul says that .. 'according to my earnest expectation to glorify God in all things i do..' see, he expects, and He was de greatest hero for God, he went through ups and downs, prisons and hell, but at the end, he glorified God throughout his life.

Why we should expect the best?

1) Expecting the best honours God. it simply means "my daddy can do everything". David expects God to deliver him from Goliath, and God did, despite all.

2) Expect the best increases yer ability. every athlete expects de best, no olympic swimmer goes up the platform thinking that they'd lose or shiver from other competitors, the only thought that runs through their mind is 'I WILL WIN', see that's why they are world-record breakers. it all lies in the attitude.

right, lemme share this. de greatest boxer, Mhd ALI. in his whole entire life, he only lose 2 fights, and they found out that these 2 fights are de only 2 times outta hundreds that during the press conference, he actually said something like 'what if i lose'.. see. power of expectation.

3) Expecting the best encoruages others. it's contagious. instead of spoiling people's day, why dun you just be positive and keep people going. enough about war and SARS. time fer some real good stuffs.

right. this is getting better. wanna know how to stay optimistic and get de law works for you? well pay me. through cheque or visa, either way. =) rite. hahaha.

5 practical ways to stay optimistic:

1) Start yer day with faith. studies have shown that 1st 10 mins of the days sets de tone of de entire day. David is de best example. in Psalm 5:3 - My voice You shall hear in the morning O Lord; in the morning I will direct it to You, And I WILL LOOK UP.

cool? be like David, look up to God. dun read de newspaper if you dun have enough faith. instead of letting de news of war dampen yer whole day, look to God man, proclaim all His promises. stuffs like "For de Lord delights in de prosperity of His servant".. you know God provides, He is Jehovah Jireh, common, so many promises, get them to work for you. ditch the stupid newspaper.

2) Look at the POSITIVES in every situation. de greatest inventor, Thomas Edison, his laboratory which contained all his records of his inventions, ALL his hardworks, his sweat, his time, was BURNED down. but he went back to de scene after de fire, and he said "there is great value in disaster, thank God for it, because it burned down all my mistakens and i can work all over again" no wonder he went on to be de greatest inventor on earth.

he turns his tombstone into a new stepping stone. cool thing man.

3) Give yer worries to God. Jesus said in Luke 12:28 "DO NOT WORRY" Let God take charge of the day man. rite, get ready for a story. there's this missionary, named Andrew Murray, nt very sure abt de name, but yea neway, he reaches out to orphans, daily, he'd say grace with de orphans and spend time wiv them. so what happened one morning is that after their grace, the children asked "where's de bread and milk?" Andrew Murrray went on, "Dun worry, let's just thank God for today and say our grace".. right after their AMEN, they heard a 'bam' just right outside their orphanage. there was an accident, both trucks coming in opposite directions collided. one truck was carrying milk and another bread, so it spilled and so the driver told them the orphans could take everything. see, GOD WILL PROVIDE. though it's quite funny. hahaha =)

4) Stop speaking negatively. neurologists found out through studies that once you say yer sicked, de brain would set de whole immune system to receive any virus, it will be weak. just like what Jesus said in Matthew "According to yer faith let it be done to you" well anyone recall trying to talk yerself into sickness? i remember i did, i kept saying i have a headache to escape some physical arrangements stuffs back in sch, in de end i really fell sicked. stupid. see, bible says our tongue, though is a lil thing, but it's like a rudder that stirs the entire ship, it stirs the whole course of yer life. so speak positive things yea.

5) Remember yer future is blessed. in Jeremiah 29:11. read it. go. God promises a hope and a future. hold onto it. Jesus died on de cross, took de curse and we're entitled to the blessings of Abraham.

i dunno abt de world, i only know my God provides. i know my God loves me, i know my Daddy can do everything for me.

yea, that's abt it. it's a long blog. hoped that yer blessed. God loves you, and He desires to show you mighty works. and those of you who are so against Jesus or dun even know Him, tell you. He's a wonderful friend, He's someone who never breaks His promises.

i'd be living hell if not for God and Jesus. rite, so what if He's someone i imagined or He's not real, you may think.. but if im so happy now, so complete believing in God? so why i just believe since i have nothing to lose? same for you. GET THE LAWS work for you, instead of working towards it. superman only happens on TV.

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8th May 2003

16stepper3:55pm: Welcome!
Welcome to Lay Ministry. I hope you will use this community to share helpful resources and encouragement for lay ministry.

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