Daniel Arnold (dantherm) wrote in lay_minstry,
Daniel Arnold

I need your prayer.

I'm going to be silent for a food and talking fast because I need to hear from God about my future. Time is running out, I need clear vision instead of letting myself be confused in every which way, and I can't string along multiple people on a possible commitment.

Here's my options I have laid out for next fall that I would have to decide on pretty quick:

1. Teen Mania Honors Academy

2. Missions School to become whatever God wants

3. Planning on pursuing Teacher Education Internship for the fall for Michigan TE Certification

I'm in financial straights and I have family pressure to take option three. Many people including myself question why I would choose option 1 when it costs $6,000 (plus my $6,000 worth of medical bills) and is not accredited. (I felt called to do it directly twice and I questioned it.) Missions school is my ultimate aim because I feel called into whatever life-long ministry God desires anything from teaching to Christian writing to anything. I have little desire to do TE internship and ever teach in the states. Yet, the MSU College of Ed. program is rated almost number one in elementary education. So a degree there and certification through them would mean a lot. I had it pretty much ruled out then my advisor told me I would probably be placed in an internship spot, but I just would be closely monitored. I thought I was miles away.

So here I am and the doors are open. I don't know my direction. I would most desire to do Teen Mania to build Godly discipline that I lack, grow in Christ, and be prepared for the future, but I feel weird for sure about going out asking for sponsorship from people like you are supposed to when I'm not a teen (though people in their late 20s go.)

Missions school looks great, but I know I am not spiritually mature enough yet. I don't want to waste my time and theirs by breezing through theology, practical ministry training, etc. and then join a team unprepared.

College of Education Internship. I don't know I hate you, but I know my family wants me to go into your program so that I can get a nice teaching job with medical insurance benefits. I know the Lord's vision for me is not limited by that, but I can't rule out what He wants from me right now.

So brothers and sisters, pray for me and if you have a verse or message or prayer that God sent you to send my way, send it along. If any of you wish to fast on my behalf I could surely use it. This is an important time. I may receive a phone call from a Teen Mania Mobilizer as early as Sunday, I just had an appointment with my College of Education advisor today, and I should send out missionary applications before people forget me. So I'm strapped for time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my prayer requests.

God Bless You!


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